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Featured Projects

James Seaman Sculpture Logo
Eagle-Bird - Sculpture 2018.jpg

For those looking for an eagle or bird sculpture that evokes emotion, consider James Seaman Sculpture.


With an eye for detail and a passion for realism, I create sculptures that are both lifelike and unique, tailored to your individual preferences.


Ranging from small collectibles to large outdoor installations, my sculptures are customized with utmost care and attention to replicate the intricacies of nature. Whether you're a collector or just love the look of eagles and birds, my portfolio has something for you.


Large Metal Bird Scultpure - James Seaman Sculptor
Heron in a Nest Metal Sculpture - James Seaman Sculptor
Reptile Sculpture 2019 - Stainless Steel and Copper Chamelion - James Seaman.jpg

At our core, we are inspired by nature - using a variety of materials such as glass, metal, and more. We are passionate about creating sculptures that are truly unique and bring beauty to any home or business. 

Our Aquatic & Amphibian collection combines realism and the contemporary.

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Aquatic Animals

Large Metal Fish Scultpure - James Seaman Sculptor
Copper Frog on a Rock Scultpure - James Seaman Sculptoro
Large Mammal Sculpture 2016 - Stainless Steel Moose - James Seaman.jpg

Welcome to a world where mammoth imagination meets tangible artistry. Our website showcases a stunning collection of meticulously crafted large mammal sculptures that embody the majesty and grandeur of the animal kingdom.


Each piece is a testament to intricate detail and passionate craftsmanship, capturing the essence of these magnificent creatures in a variety of materials and styles.


Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, an art aficionado, or simply captivated by the beauty of these giants, immerse yourself in a gallery that celebrates the awe-inspiring presence of large mammals through the eyes and hands of James Seaman.

Large Mammals

Large Metal Giraffe Sculpture - James Seaman Sculptor
Pegasus Sculpture - Metal - James Seaman Sculpture
Aracnids Sculpture 2022 -Threads Without Pause - James Seaman.jpg

Discover a captivating world of intricate insect sculptures. Explore our gallery showcasing meticulously crafted pieces that celebrate the delicate beauty and intricate details of these fascinating creatures.


From iridescent beetles to graceful butterflies, each sculpture is a testament to artistry and precision, inviting you into the enchanting realm of tiny wonders.


Bug on a Rock Garden Sculpture - Metal - James Seaman Sculpture
Mantis and Beetle - Metal Garden Sculptures - James Seaman Sculptor
Floral Sculpture 2020 - In a World of My Own - James Seaman.jpg

Abstract, Floral, Humanoid, and Wood Projects

Enter a realm where art transcends the ordinary - our gallery of abstract sculptures invites you to experience the extraordinary. Each piece is a testament to creative expression, a fusion of shapes, textures, and ideas that ignite imagination and provoke thought.


From fluid forms to geometric wonders, our collection encapsulates the diverse language of abstract art, inviting you on a visual journey that challenges perception and sparks curiosity. Whether you're an avid art collector or simply intrigued by the allure of the unconventional, our gallery offers a captivating exploration into the limitless world of abstract sculpture.

Abstract Ribbon Sculptures - Metal - James Seaman Sculptor
Multimedia Humanoid Sculpture - Metal - James Seaman Sculptor
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