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Custom Metal Frog Sculptures

Reptiles are some of the world’s most fascinating creatures, boasting a myriad interesting features that make them particularly unique. With a strong attention to detail, I specialize in bringing these features to life in a manner that makes each of my custom copper reptile sculptures and custom stainless-steel amphibian sculptures stand out and demand a closer look.

I have been creating abstract metal art pieces for over 25 years, and the reptile and amphibian sculptures I create vary in shapes, sizes, and areas of installation. I’ve made small custom copper reptile sculptures for homeowners to put in their backyard gardens, as well as much larger custom stainless-steel amphibian sculptures for parks, museums, and more. Any of my sculptures can be crafted for an indoor or outdoor setting; it all comes down to the personal preference of the client.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a custom metal frog sculpture, a metal snake sculpture, or another type of reptile or amphibian sculpture, you can rest assured knowing it will be 100% unique. I take heed to speak with my clients prior to beginning a sculpture to understand what they are looking for, characteristics that are important to them, height requirements, color preferences, etc. It is my goal to ensure your custom metal sculpture is designed and crafted just as you imagined.

View a sampling of my custom reptile and amphibian sculptures by browsing through my gallery below. For more information about my process or to learn how you can commission a custom sculpture of your own, contact me at 607-351-8190 today.

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