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Custom Metal Abstract Sculptures

Prior to the 20th Century, sculptures were purely figural, representing people, animals or objects clearly found in the real world. They were carved only from stone or formed in clay and then cast in bronze. It wasn’t until artists like Constantin Brancusi and Pablo Picasso began to reject the restrains of realism in favor of abstraction that other sculptors began to follow suit, creating three-dimensional sculptures that could be left to interpretation. This also paved the way for artists like me to forego traditional materials and create custom abstract sculptures with metal.

For the last 25-plus years, I have created countless indoor and outdoor metal abstract sculptures for clients all over the country.

I’ve created everything from small indoor abstract copper statues for home and business owners to large outdoor stainless-steel sculptures for parks and commercial properties. As you will see when you browse through the photos of my metal abstract sculptures below, the scope of what I can create is limitless.

Each metal abstract sculpture that I create is 100% unique. The pieces are based either on ideas I’ve had on my own for custom metal abstract sculptures or on ideas passed along to me by those who commission them. Whether you’re looking for a small outdoor stainless-steel sculpture to place in your garden or a larger-than-life indoor abstract copper statue for installation in a museum, you’ll get a work of art that far exceeds your expectations right down to the smallest of details.

View a sampling of the metal abstract sculptures I’ve created over the years here. If you’re interested in learning more about commissioning a custom metal abstract sculpture, simply contact me at 607-351-8190.

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