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Custom Metal Bird Sculptures

There are very few things in nature more beautiful or more majestic than birds. Whether they’re preparing to take flight or perched on a tree branch, they are some of the most magical creatures that you’ll find anywhere in the world. I strive to capture their unending beauty through my custom outdoor metal bird sculptures, and I look forward to an opportunity to create one for you.

My name is James “Jay” Seaman, and I’ve been crafting unique indoor/outdoor metal bird sculptures and other custom figures for more than 25 years now. From large stainless-steel bird sculptures to small copper bird sculptures of various species, I use a variety of metals to show off the intricate details that make up many of the world’s most captivating birds. Regardless of whether I’m making a custom metal heron, rooster, or eagle sculpture, I work to ensure each of my sculptures is as lifelike as it can possibly be, down to even the smallest of details.

Over the last two-plus decades, I’ve had the opportunity to create unique outdoor metal bird sculptures in many shapes and sizes for people all across the country. I’ve worked on everything from small sculptures for residential yards to larger custom sculptures for public parks. I’ve also created both indoor and outdoor custom metal bird sculptures based on the specific needs of my clients.

When you browse through the photos I’ve included of my custom stainless steel and copper bird sculptures below, you’ll notice that no two look alike. That’s because every sculpture I create is 100% unique. I can use whatever ideas you might have to bring a custom metal bird statue to life or take creative liberty to decide how the bird should be formed and positioned based on where it will be installed. The choice is yours.

Take a look at some of the unique indoor and outdoor metal bird sculptures that I’ve created over the years below. When you’re ready to learn more, contact me directly at 607-351-8190.

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