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Custom Metal Marine Life Sculptures

There’s so much beauty and mystique surrounding the marine life that inhabits our oceans. Whether as large as an eight-tentacled octopus or as small as a seahorse, each species has its own unique characteristics and minute physical details that can be a challenge for artists to capture. It takes a great deal of patience, dedication, and skill to replicate those features—especially when sculpting with a material such as metal.

I have been creating indoor and outdoor metal art for over 25 years. Of my many creations, my custom fish and marine life sculptures are among my favorites. There’s truly something special about taking a pieces of stiff metal and transforming it into a fluid shape that makes each marine life sculpture appear as though it is ready to come to life. I take pride in my ability to piece together some of the most unique outdoor metal fish sculptures my clients have ever seen.

I have constructed countless indoor and outdoor metal fish sculptures throughout my sculpting career. Some of the sculptures and statues I’ve completed include:

• Custom metal snail sculptures
• Custom metal stingray sculptures
• Custom metal octopus sculptures
• Metal koi fish sculptures
• Metal shark sculptures
• Metal turtle sculpture

Every custom metal fish sculpture that I’ve created has been 100% unique. I can take any small idea you have and produce larger-than-life marine life sculptures that will exceed your expectations. Whether you would like a small custom copper marine sculpture for your home office or large custom stainless-steel sea creature sculptures for a park or corporate foyer, I will ensure my artwork meet your needs.

View some of the custom indoor and outdoor metal fish sculptures I’ve created below and contact me at 607-351-8190 with any questions you might have regarding an upcoming project.

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